Wednesday, 16 May 2018

A Totoro Koda Bag, with Cork Fabric

Hi! I bought some Totoro fabric panels a while ago, without much of a plan for them, but they were cute... I also had some cork fabric that I'd been hoarding - I was a bit scared of using it, because it's pricy so I didn't want to waste it, and also because I wasn't sure if it would be difficult to use. But the Totoro panel looked lovely against the cork, and the panel was also the right size for the Koda bags I've been making, so I decided to bite the bullet and try making a cork Koda bag!

And now I am completely in love with cork. It feels so soft, and although it's thick I didn't need to use a special foot on my machine, and my denim needle worked fine. It's just lovely to work with, and I love the look and feel of it. I'm so pleased with how this bag turned out, and it's definitely for me - I don't think I could part with it!

This is the Koda Cross Body Bag, a free pattern by Huff 'n Cuffs

Tiny Koda Bag!

Hiya! I made a unicorn bag for my friend Sanj, and her little daughter Jeevan tried to steal it, even though it's far too big for her!

So I made a tiny version of the bag for Jeevan, with a tiny coin purse to go with it :D  The bag is about 7" tall.




Such an adorable little kid! I love the photo of Sanj and Jeevan together, with their matching bags!

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Koda Bags, and Matching Things

Hiya! I made four Koda bags for friends - I love this pattern! I chose the fabric specifically for each person - Chickens for hazel, who has two chickens (Henrietta and Talula), Unicorns for Sanj, who currently has a unicorn obsession, Tigers for Rashmi, it's her favourite animal, and Penguins for Linda, partly because she likes them, but mainly because she pronounces them 'pengwings', which I will never get bored of!

I used Chicago screws to fix the straps, as the denim was too thick to sew - first time I have used them, but now I am hooked!

I got carried away, and made matching makeup bags:

And then I got carried away a bit more, and made matching keyrings and mirrors:

Monday, 7 May 2018

Soooo In Love With This Fabric...

Hi! I made this makeup bag yesterday, using a couple of fat quarters of Robert Kaufman fabric, 'Jewel Colorstory'. I love it so much - not sure if you can tell from the photos, but there is so much gold in the design, so beautiful, and it really shines!

Anyway, this is from a free pattern, the Flat bottom straight(ish) sides zippy pouch, from Very Berry Handmade.

Sunday, 6 May 2018

Bags for my Mum in law

Hiya! Here's a cross body bag and a little purse I made for my Mum in law. She chose the fabric, and I was a bit worried about fitting the seagulls in without decapitating them, but I'm pleased with how they've turned out :)

Here's the bag. It's the Two Zip Hipster pattern, from Dog Under My Desk.

Here's the purse I made to go with it. It's the  Lori Pouch pattern, by Lorelei Jayne:

I've definitely caught the sewing bug! Bit obsessed...

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Koda Bag

Hi! I made this Koda bag a few days ago. I got my measurements wrong - the side panels don't line up - but I love it anyway. Hopefully the next one will work out better!


This is the Koda Cross Body Bag, a free pattern by Huff 'n Cuffs

Lori Pouch

Hi, I made this pouch a few weeks ago, to match the Two Zip Hipster bag I made. It went a bit wrong when I was turning it - I was stuck in the lining somehow! I think I'd accidentally sewn through both lining pieces when top stitching by the zip - what an eeejit! So I had to undo the stitching from inside the lining, and then I was able to turn the pouch. So one side of the zip hasn't got top stitching now, but hopefully it's not too noticeable! I'm really pleased with it, anyway :D

The pattern is the Lori Pouch, by Lorelei Jayne